Worzel Gummage and the Lost Treasure (1986)

Worzel Gummage and the Lost Treasure

This is a short story I wrote when I was just 6 years old. As far as I know, this was the first story I ever wrote.

I wanted to keep this online version exactly as it was when I wrote it all those years ago. This also maintains the child voice, including the simple grammatical errors which give it the charm off a cute kid. Yes, I was cute once!


Once upon a time there was an old man called Gipetto and he made a scarecrow and he decided to call it Worzel Gummage. And he made a magic potion like wizards do because he was a great wizard and he made the magic potion with water, spice and things people can’t eat and sawdust and stuff. And he tipped the magic potion in the scarecrow’s head and he suddenly opened his eyes and blinked, looked at the old wizard and they holded hands and danced with joy. Then he took Worzel Gummage into the garden. They played a game of catch and all sorts of games.

So Gipetto went to the King and said to the King, ‘Dear King, I made this straw puppet scarecrow so can he be free with everyone. So would you allow him to be free with everyone else? The King said yes so he took the straw puppet outside and he walked out. Worzel Gummage came back with a basketful of fish. Then Gipetto readed the paper and this is what he said, “Worzel Gummage, somewhere there is some treasure and I want you to find it and we’ll take it to the King”.

So Worzel Gummage nodded his head and walked out. He found the river and jumped in the water and he sunk straight to the bottom and he popped up again and floated to the bank, grabbed onto the bank and climbed up it, curled into a ball, someone picked him up and squeezed all the water out. Then put him down, he said thank you and walked off.

Then he found a big black drainhole. He picked it open, climbed down and there was a big plank across it so Worzel Gummage walked across the plank and underneath the plank there were lots of water with crocodiles in. Then he found a boulder moved straight up to the side, kept away from it so he sat down on something which hurted his bottom. He standed up again and picked it up and went back to Gipetto.

And when he got to Gipetto he showed Gipetto the treasure. Gipetto was pleased and he went straight to the King, gave the treasure to the King and he told them to put it in the gold mine which was just behind the King’s throne. So they put it down there, came up and the King gave them a reward then they went back home and went to bed.