There are few things as important as getting a great start to the day and being able to approach the rest of our waking hours with energy and enthusiasm, but people can often find it quite difficult to get into this frame of mind. This can be especially tough if you need to be creative that morning!

Here are my top 7 tips to help you get geared up when your alarm starts to ring.


1. Have a ritual
Creating a morning ritual allows you to get essential tasks completed before you head off to work. Making these actions into a consistent list also allows you to perform them quickly and naturally whilst giving a clear structure to the first moments of the day.


2. Start early
Ensuring that you leave yourself enough time to complete your morning ritual means that you’re less likely to feel stressed as your day is beginning. It also reduces the chances of arriving late to work and having to start tasks in a negative mood. Nothing can ruin your calm morning feeling like running out of time.




3. Stretch and exercise
Stretching for just a few minutes in the morning can give you a quick energy boost and make you feel more awake and alert. If you’d like to go even further, you could also do some yoga or go for a walk or run. These activities are excellent for reducing stress, increasing your general health and focussing your mind.




4. Develop an attitude of gratitude
Start by thinking of the things in your life that make you grateful and give you meaning. When times are hectic it is quite easy to get caught up and forget about everything we already have, so taking stock these things each morning can help put our other actions into perspective.


5. Think about what you want out of the day
Considering how you want your day to unfold makes it much more likely for ideal scenarios to occur because you will be able to work towards them. Develop a clear and detailed picture of this in your mind and believe that it is going to happen.
You can also think of ways to have a positive impact at work and maybe come up with an idea that could further your current project. Creating a goal for yourself can also make it easier to get the results you want and, if you achieve your goal, this will only increase your positivity further.


6. Have a great breakfast
There’s a reason why we call breakfast the most important meal of the day, it gives you the fuel you need to be at your best for the rest of the morning. Rolling out of bed and eating junk food or, even worse, nothing at all is bound to make you feel sluggish and tired, reducing the performance you can give and lowering your positivity as well. When you wake up you may not have eaten anything for ten hours or more so it’s crucial to fill yourself with food to boost your energy levels. Fruits, proteins and grains are recommended as they will release energy all the way to lunch time.


7. Get inspired
Before setting off for work why not take a few minutes to see something that uplifts and inspires you? This can be anything you like- music, images, reading the news, a book, a short video, whatever will spark your interest the most.