Our Day Out (1993)

Our Day Out

I wrote Our Day Out when I was 13 to chronicle a boarding school trip.

To stay true to the original the copy below is an exact re-print, grammatical error’s and all.

“A trip to the carpenters…”

Our teacher said aloud,

“As part of your careers week,

You better make us proud”.

Be by the busses at nine-thirty,

Make sure you heed the warnings given

Or you could get quite dirty.

At half-past-nine the following day

We went out the the busses,

Our teacher said we all looked smart,

In our suites and dresses.

The journey was so boring,

I puked all over Tom.

Out teacher said “Not to worry!

It won’t be very long.”

Once at the factory,

We put our ear-plugs in,

Then all the boys surrounded me,

And called me “Batty Jim”.

Our teacher came and broke it up.

He dragged us all inside.

Where we were met by a white-haired man,

Who said he was our guide.

All in all the trip was good,

But I enjoyed it all the more,

By gazing at the dirty pictures

On the factory wall.

On the way back home to our school

I puked, to my surprise,

Out of the rear window

And hit the car behind.

When we were all home safe and sound

Eating our school lunch,

Our teacher walked into the hall

And signed, “Your are a bunch!”