I Saw You (1995)

I Saw You

(For Zoe Bates)

Published 1995, O’WRITE. ‘Written work by young people’

I Saw You is a poem I wrote when I was 15. I dedicated it to a girl who I liked at the time….

Since that time I first saw you;

Since that time you first saw me;

I’ve treasured your eyes.

I’ve treasured the sight

Of those eyes that saw me.

Your image is fixed,

Your figure so slim,

At the top of my heart,

Where I let you in.

Your eyes kept to me,

My eyes kept to you.

Your friends tole me you like me,

I told them the same for you.

Later they told me,

You already had a swain.

So after that I went away,

And believed them all the same.
The next time that I saw you,

It was after dark,

At the “Mother Goose” rehearsals,

It was such a lark.

You kept on smiling at me,

Though I know you swain was true,

Or could it be your brother?

Who knows? Only you.

At the final matinée,

You said to me one word;

That short and simple word.

Just “Hi”,

That meant the world to me.

Later on that evening,

At the Last Night dance,

You kept on smiling in my face,

But all we did was dance.

I never saw you again.